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White kitchens have been in the Interior Design industry for a while now, and while some may say ‘no more white’, we still love a clean, classic white kitchen. There’s a reason white kitchens are so popular: they’re bright, airy, and don’t require a lot of stressful color decisions when decorating. Especially in the coastal areas, Florida Interior Designers are still getting the request for white cabinetry as the main backdrop.

      Credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors


  • Warm it up with wood;  flooring, furnishings, and countertop decor.
  • Add an area rug to soften the space and bring in color and pattern.
  • Contrast your island in a painted finish or warmer wood tone.
  • Bring life to your white kitchen with indoor plants or fresh flowers. Greenery adds a pop of color and texture, making the space feel more inviting. 
  • Add unique and fun pendant fixtures or sconces to elevate the design.
  • Don’t forget the backsplash. You can choose a classic white subway tile for a timeless look or opt for a contrasting color to add visual interest. 

Credit: Emily Moss Designs

White kitchens are very popular in coastal design. Light neutral colors help keep the space feel open, airy and bright. This design incorporates a light blue painted island and texture with rattan pendant fixtures and woven counter stools.

White kitchen cabinets are not only classic, but incredibly beautiful and versatile. Much of the design in a white kitchen is mixing. It’s not about having everything white on white, which leads more to a sterile feeling, but about warming up the space.  You can two-tone the base and top cabinets or have the island in a contrasting color. Then add layers of finishes with your appliances, lighting, hardware, backsplashes and countertops.

      Credit: Lindsey Brooke Design

      Credit: Ashley Montgomery Design

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