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One interior design trend that can feel overwhelming is mixed metals. However, we love the visual interest and depth they can add to any room. It’s a great way to make a room feel collected.  Varying metal finishes across hardware, furniture, lighting, and other fixtures, adds depth and character that a matching look would lack. 

Credit: Curtis Elmy

Credit: Lauren Smyth Design

The most popular metal finishes are bronze, stainless steel, nickel, and black. Brass continues to be popular, but we also are seeing a shift to a gold color that’s a little less yellow.

Credit: Zoe Feldman Design

  • Select one metal as your primary finish to carry the design.
  • Make sure the metal finishes you’re mixing have enough contrast.
  • Do not mix metals that are too close in color. Similar metal tones that are not identical can look like a mistake.
  • Distribute metals throughout the space and make sure your metals feel balanced.
  • Stick to 2-3 metals.
  • Keep metals of the same function consistent.
  • Make sure your metals feel balanced in the space.
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