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The Benjamin Moore 2021 Color of the Year is Aegean Teal (2136-40). It’s all about a natural, soothing calm. This color is a versatile blue-green that is curated and inspired by fashion, art, culture and the environment. It refines and adds sophistication to the areas of our homes we’re in the most.

This gorgeous teal hue has gentle grey undertones that strikes a balance between being both inviting and relaxing. It’s also the perfect backdrop to your days at home, giving richness to the walls and whatever else you choose to use Aegean Teal on. Here are 6 ways to incorporate the Benjamin Moore 2021 Color of the Year and invite those soothing, island vibes into your home.

1) Aegean Teal on the Wall

Benjamin Moore Aegean teal on the wall.jpg

Painting your walls is the most favorable way of adding interest and color into your space. Either as a focal wall or as the entire room, using Aegean Teal on your walls will transform your space into a relaxing retreat.

Window draperies as well as textured or patterned wallcovering in the blue-teal tones are another great way to bring in the color of the year!

2) Cabinetry

We are loving this refreshing twist on traditional by using a dramatic color, like Aegean Teal, on kitchen cabinets. When surrounded by hard materials such as tile, stone, wood, concrete it’s nice to add some color into the space. You can also add this blue-green hue to bathroom vanities, front doors and built-ins.

Credit:Emily Henderson | Photography: Sara Tramp

Credit:Emily Henderson | Photography: Sara Tramp

3) Tile

Incorporating this tone into your tile is a no-brainer, because the spaces where we typically install tile are all areas that could use a dose of calm- think bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Even in the smallest amount, this color has the ability to create a spa-like atmosphere and pairs beautifully with all-white and mixed metals.


4) Art, Lighting & Accessories

Any interior designer will tell you that one of the easiest ways to add color and dimension to your home is with wall art. Whether it’s a single statement piece or a gallery wall collection with splashes of the color, art prints will tie in the rest of your teal decor creating an effortless and cohesive space. Lighting and accessories are also another fun way to tie in the color.

Benjamin Moore Vase teal.jpg

Benjamin Moore chandelier teal ocean.jpg

Credit: Benjamin Moore

Credit: Benjamin Moore

Tile in shower teal.JPG

Benjamin Moore bird artwork.jpg

5) Textiles

If you’re one who likes to frequently change things up in your color scheme and are not ready to commit to one long term, then the best way to try out any color trend is through textiles. Go for blankets, pillows, rugs and linens to add a pop of this serene tone anywhere you need it.

Credit: Ray Booth Design

Credit: Ray Booth Design

Benjamin Moore Rug teal.jpg

Benjamin Moore teal pillow.jpg


6) Area Rugs

Let’s not forget that rugs are a great way to add some trendiness to your room without committing too much. Area rugs with the 2021 Color of the Year would look great in your bedroom, living room, or entryway to add a soothing note to your space.

Benjamin Moore area Rug teal aegean teal.jpg

Aegean Teal has such a perfect balance of warm and cool tones and can be easily paired with accent colors like Coral, Yellow, and Greens. Take a look at the color trends for 2021, we are loving this year’s palette!

Benjamin Moore Palette color trends 2021.jpg

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