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Selecting lighting can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re starting a remodel or just wanting to create a new look. There are so many styles and sizes to choose from. Shapes, textures, materials, and colors all impact the way we view lighting in a space.

The key to a well designed home is to incorporate layers of lighting. Recessed lighting gives the space a general coverage of light, ambient lighting accents the space, while task lighting is directional and assists with highlighting areas that require specifically brighter light for more focused work. Layered lighting includes recessed fixtures, pendants, wall sconces, lamps, wall washers, task lighting, ceiling lighting and ambient lighting. It’s not a surprise, given all of these variables, that the lighting plan requires detailed review and revisions before finalizing an entire home. 

Whether it’s over the kitchen island or dining room table, pendant fixtures play an important role in bringing the style of a room together. They can create a dramatic focal point, add a touch of whimsy or add a certain finish and texture to the space.

There are three basic types of lighting: ambient, task and accent lighting. All three types of light can work together to fulfill the lighting needs of a room.

  • Ambient general light that illuminates the entire room. This basic form of lighting replaces sunlight and is fundamental to a lighting plan
  • Task provides illumination for specific tasks, such as cooking or reading
  • Accent highlights specific features of a room, such as cabinets, or artwork, and creates visual interest in a room by highlighting certain design features.

Sconces are great to use in bathrooms. They are an important accessory that elevates the room and adds beautiful ambient lighting. Sconces help complete the style of a space and are also great to use in kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.

Whether it’s in the bedroom, entry or living room, table lamps are an important part of the design process. They are not just functional, they offer the opportunity to add shape, texture, and visual interest to a room. 

When it comes to working with our clients, we carefully select lighting that suits the architectural and aesthetic style of the home. We select the finishes that work within the space, and the scale of the room in relation to ceiling heights and overall furniture layout. Lighting is a key factor in completing the look and feel of your home.

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