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1. Incorporate fire

Invest in an outdoor fireplace, and your backyard will quickly become a hangout destination. You can choose to invest in a custom built fireplace or a stylish fire pit. Either way it will give you a sense of coziness and relaxation. Even is sunny Florida, we have a high request of incorporating fireplaces. Since there is so much time spent outdoors, clients want to extend their indoor living space to the outside.

Credit: Our Home Diaries

Credit: Pure Salt Interiors

Design: Jeffrey Fisher Home


2. Add style and warmth with an outdoor rug

An outdoor rug can put the finishing touches on any patio, but it’s sure to look particularly cozy next to a warm, inviting fireplace. Make your space look even more welcoming than it already does by softening your patio floors with a rug.


3. Colorful throw pillows

Outdoor throw pillows create a welcoming feel. They help define your style by adding color, patterns and textures to your outdoor space.


4. Drape it off

Credit: Pottery Barn

Want a bit of privacy and protection from the elements? You can use panels of curtains to enclose your outdoor living room. Outdoor drapery also adds softness, texture and elevates the living space with a custom look.


5. Get some shade

Before you spend a lot of time and energy decorating your outdoor space, make sure it will be comfortable. It’s hard to spend much time outside in the hottest months if the sun is beating down on you. Instead, invest in some shade with a standing umbrella or a pergola covered with canvas.


6. Add greenery

Whether it’s flowers, palms or plants, greenery is a must have in every outdoor living space. You can frame a space by using a planter divider. Create interest with a combination of flowers and decorative containers. And palms are great for providing a tropical vibe, providing shade and creating height for any corner space.

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